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TUZAMURANE is a registered cooperative (through Rwanda Cooperative Agency), created in 2005 and which acquired legal status in 2009. It is located in Gahara Sector, Kirehe District, Eastern province. It is owned by 133 pineapple growers, who are also suppliers, and of which 58 (43.7%) are women and 75 men (i.e.56.3%). The cooperative is specialized in fresh organic pineapples production for local markets (such as Inyange Industries in Kigali), and dried organic pineapples for export. 

The idea of producing pineapples organically (i.e with no use of chemicals such as mineral fertilizers, insecticides, etc) started in 2009, inspired by a visit of some of its members to Belgian exhibition where they met potential buyers who wanted organic pineapples. Following the exhibition meeting the cooperative switched to organic production and adapted pineapple drying mechanism. 

The Cooperative is lead by a General Assembly (all members) and headed by the Chairperson, who is supported by executive and Supervisory committee. The cooperative has recruited qualified and experienced staff including a cooperative manager, processing officer, agronomist, an accountant, an organic documentation officer, buying personnel and a cashier to mention few. The management team also is supported by field officers working with zones managers collecting fresh pineapple from different zones of GAHARA sector. The staff members have been trained in various to enable them perform effectively and efficiently on job.


To develop pineapples organic farming, to improve quantity and quality of Organic pineapples, processing and marketing of fresh and dried organic pineapples.


To promote TUZAMURANE cooperative members economy, uplifting the standard of living of the members through professional agriculture of Organic pineapples and processing, and have multiple buyers outside the country.


  • Integrity
  • Public Interest
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity & Innovation


- In January 2015, TUZAMURANE succeeded in making the first ever Rwandan export of dried organic pineapples to buyers in Belgium and in France.


- STANDARDISATION MARK (by Rwanda Bureau of Standards) 

- RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE- ESR standard (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility)

- FAIR TRADE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE -ESR standard (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility)